The A/G: Desperately Seeking Disciplers

September 12, 2006

Back at the first of the year, on January 3, I wrote a post wherein I teased out some trends from the most recent official A/G statistical report published in 2004. I concluded that:

Not only are the new believers outstripping the net change in adherents, they seem to have no impact on the growth trend at all. If the data are accurate, we may be bringing folks to Christ in the A/G, but we’re not keeping them.

–“Examining Assemblies of God statistics on growth

And I illustrated my conclusion with data, specifically, with this chart:

A/G stats: Adherents and Conversions

Note the numbers:

472,704: Conversions
49,533: Net Change in Adherents
10.5%: Percentage of Net Change in Adherents

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