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The A/G: Desperately Seeking Disciplers

September 12, 2006

Back at the first of the year, on January 3, I wrote a post wherein I teased out some trends from the most recent official A/G statistical report published in 2004. I concluded that:

Not only are the new believers outstripping the net change in adherents, they seem to have no impact on the growth trend at all. If the data are accurate, we may be bringing folks to Christ in the A/G, but we’re not keeping them.

–“Examining Assemblies of God statistics on growth

And I illustrated my conclusion with data, specifically, with this chart:

A/G stats: Adherents and Conversions

Note the numbers:

472,704: Conversions
49,533: Net Change in Adherents
10.5%: Percentage of Net Change in Adherents

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BlogRodent turns one: top 10 posts, plus top ten lessons.

September 2, 2006

If you’re just interested in the top ten lessons, skip ahead.

This is a repost from my home-blog at BlogRodent: Pentecostal Rumination & Review, at

Yowie, it’s been a busy couple of months. Since I went on vacation in early June my life has been very full. I’ve had a lot of video editing to do, and I’ve been taking work home to do it on my laptop—since it seems so hard to get anything accomplished at the office. (Is it ironic when your boss agrees that the worst place to do work is at the office?)

Meanwhile, I’ve been wringing my hands over my blog. I’ve been too … absorbed in everything else to dredge up the energy to post anything substantive, but over the past couple weeks I’ve made sure to moderate the comments and track the stats. So, BlogRodent hasn’t really fallen off my radar. It’s just that I’ve fallen off the face of the earth. In fact, I’m waiting for video to finish rendering right now … so with a few minutes on my hands, I thought I’d post a retrospective.

I think milestones are important. I’d been waiting for the one-year anniversary of BlogRodent so I could celebrate it with an anniversary post. Naturally, because I am time-insensitive—my employers would say I’m time-comatose—so June 20 passed without a mention. What happened on this blog on that day one year ago? My first “Hello World” post, nervously titled, “This is easy,” and a throw-away mention of the Adult CE class I was teaching at the time, “Do Heaven and Hell exist?” Frankly, there’s nothing to recommend either post for your reading pleasure. But lot has happened since then and I hope I’ve made some improvement.

Let’s talk about what’s been good, bad, and what I’ve learned as a newbie Pentecostal blogger.

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